Better Things to Come!

Published: January 08, 2020

Welcome, from Esoteric Kurt! Though this page is a mere placeholder, I am testing many things.

DO Stay Tuned!

Though this server and this site were created mostly as a globally-accessible system for an individual (me) to experiment with web app technologies, it is my hope that I will be making some legitimate (and fun) web apps available as public-facing useful apps as well (this page will be transformed into a sort of "table of contents" for such things later on (and as time goes on, it will begin to look much nicer as well).

Check back often if you want to follow along with me, with web app tech, with HTML5 and CSS3, with JavaScript, with Golang, with Python, with PHP, with Docker, etc. Because that is all there is LOL! :)

Yours Truly,

Esoteric Kurt

An EXAMPLE of the Difference Between HTML 4 and HTML 5

In HTML 4 there was no way to add an image and link it with a caption. The caption was always independent. However, in HTML 5, we now can add a caption that is linked with an image. Using 'figure' and 'figcaption' as follows:

The 40 meter QCX transceiver I personally soldered together. And it WORKS!
The 40 meter QCX radio transceiver I personally soldered together. And it WORKS MARVELOUSLY!